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Play Zelda online!

This is my character in the main town. You can always change your outfit!

Well, one day i was surfin the innernet as I like to call it, and I came across some other rival zelda sites (grrrrrr). Anyways, they had a link to an online zelda type game called Graal Online. So that's how I began playing Graal. That was 2 years ago. Come play with us! I play on the Unholy Nation server as the name haro41. PM me when you start playing! It's good to have friends with power, hehe.

It is free to play, but if you want to be able to save what you did, you will have to buy an account. That is $28 dollars, and is a one time fee for life. I have an extra account for sale for $20. If you are interested email me. Also by purchasing an account, you can send mass messages and access the forums.

Theres's lots to do in the Graal world. Some people like to PK (player kill). Others collect hats. But most of the people join a guild, which is a group of players in a gang. Being in a guild has its advantages and disadvantages. A few are lucky enough to score a job in some of the business in the world to earn them a steady amount of gralats. And everyone plays events. Events are special contests, where the winner gets some event points that they can buy special weapons and items with. The most popular events are Capture the Flag, King of the Hill, and Sparring Tournaments. Sparring is a 1 on 1 player vs. player match. If you win, your spar rating goes up, which is viewable by all, and in some places determines your power. Having a good rating is sometimes essential in getting into a respectable guild.

There is TONS more to do. This is only the tip of the iceberg! So quit readin' and download Graal now!

- Download Graal Online! -